Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

- Pele


I have had amazing opportunities to serve wonderful organizations both as a direct team member and as a consultant. Throughout the years, I have developed some fantastic relationships and recieved overwhlemingly positive feedback that I would like to share.

My approach is always to enable business, reduce friction, and maximize productivity while securing the organization's environment. I provide Nordstrom-like, white-glove service through collaboration and parntership with executives and team members to ensure the understanding the "why" behind security and compliance.

Intentional diversity in my skillset has provided me the unique opportunity to be proficient in strategy, as well as, have great techincal skills. I enjoy working with and earning the trust of development teams while building strong application security programs.

Trust me when I say you WILL be missed. I'm sort of panicking really... - Controller

Chad has done outstanding work for us, creating a compliance and security infrastructure. More importantly, he was able to do it and have the company embrace compliance thru his spirit of kindness and willingness to be helpful. His approach is rare I have found in this world and it was very successful. Moreover, he willingly moved into other areas in which we had a vacuum, and filled them by leading some of our systems changes, educating our teams about transitioning to more of the Microsoft products and sunsetting applications that were redundant or not necessary. - Chairman

I want to thank you for all of the knowledge and assistance that you have given me throughout the years. You have been patient, kind and gracious, consistently. - Customer Success Team Member

I also appreciate everything you have given to us. You were one of the shining stars of this acquisition. - President

I appreciate your risk-based approached in recommending appropriate controls for our organization while be mindful of our budget. You are a trusted and valued partner. - Client CFO

There are people that I enjoy working with, people that I love working with, and then there are people that it’s been an honor to work with. You, sir, fall into that last one. - VP of DevOps

Omg, I am going to miss you, you are so good at your job and I appreciate everything! - Customer Success Team Member

Chad's approach has been using a Servant's heart…being kind, respectful but being in service. He is not a "no" person but instead if a no, but" providing options and working along side the team to accomplish a commercial goal. Chad is a trusted advisor. I rely upon his knowledge and experience in many different areas and he performs at a very high level. His attitude of also willing to jump in, a strong work ethic, being helpful and respectful of others and seeing the enterprise at a high level is refreshing. He sets a new standard. - Chairman

What an amazing asset you have been to our company. You taught me so much about security. And to top it off, that you are so kind and personable! - Director of Customer Success

Super impressed with your work and if anything changes for you, we would welcome you back to the team. - SVP of Technology

Thanks for everything you have done Chad! It's pretty hard to be a beloved AND be in charge of security but you pulled it off! You will be missed! - SVP of Customer Success

Thank you for being an amazing business partner, Chad! - Client

Your service is unparalleled and expertise is apprecaited. You set a new bar. - CEO

Wow! I can't believe two hours is over. That was the most engaging, informative, and enjoyable security awareness training I have experienced. My entire staff was engaged and asking good questions. - CTO and client for custom designed live security awareness training

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